Fujipream is meeting the challenge the impossible,
with precision laminating technology.

Fujipream Corporation

Fujipream is a "research and development-oriented company" that responds precisely to the needs of the times and sincerely contributes to enriching people's lives through "compounding" and other means based on our unique precision lamination-based technology.

Our motto: "Challenge the impossible".

It expresses our commitment to pursue the "infinite possibilities" that arise from our sincere approach to people, nature, technology, and all other things. Fujipream is always looking to the future, and we hope to be a company that challenges infinite possibilities by continuing to evolve as a pioneer of the times.

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Our business

Our four main business areas are mobility, information electronics, engineering, and environment and living space. In these businesses, where demand is changing rapidly and the processing technologies and materials required are changing from time to time, we are actively pursuing technological innovation and R&D to lead the market.

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