Displaying the world. Flat panel display

Fujipream boasts an overwhelming share, both inside and outside Japan, in the field of processing technology for the high-quality optic filters of flat panel displays.

Expanding the future. Solar Photovoltaic system

Modules with outstanding durability and innovative ultra-light weight are achieved using Fujipream's precision laminating technology. We are expanding the possibilities of solar power generation.

Producing the quality. Mechatronics

We design and build manufacturing equipment and machinery as technological support for our company's production equipment. We also maintain high-precision, high-efficiency production systems.

core technology

Precision lamination technology

Precision lamination technology

Thanks to the superior quality of our precision lamination, which goes beyond conventional concepts and technology, we have an overwhelming market share in the display device industry centered around flat panel displays.

High-precision laminating technology for flat panel displays that offer beautiful images

Processing technology for a diverse variety of high-quality, optically functional films

Constant development of new laminating technologies, with an eye on future horizons


September 03, 2013
Fujipream will exhibit at the International Agricultural Material & Technology Expo Tokyo at Makuhari Messe on 9-11 October, 2013.
Jun 04, 2013
We will be exhibiting at PVJapan, held at Tokyo Big Sight on July 24-26.